Hi! I’m Kevin Dean CEO & founder of Kande’s Delights

the most entertaining and natural ice cream company out there. We manufacture our ice cream from scratch right in front of the customer producing the smoothest, creamiest ice cream treat you’ve ever tasted and all this is done in under 5 minutes. We are currently the only ice cream flash freezing company in Jamaica scooping our ice cream treats to our customers. We manufacture flash-frozen ice cream as well as conventionally made ice cream, non-dairy coconut-based ice cream, sorbet and sherbet products from scratch.We are a startup company who has been operating in the ice cream business for over three (3) years. All from the concept that the ice cream industry was in the need of a more natural and holistic product especially considering the healthy lifestyle initiative being executed in our world today and more locally by our Health Ministry.We are a small compliment of hard working business professionals, Quality Assurance specialists, Marketers, producers, and manufacturers and we are here to serve


Kande’s Delights exists solely to provide a healthy and holistic option to our customers who enjoy frozen desserts. We endeavour to add value to our patrons while providing a safe and entertaining environment for all those in our care. We set our goals towards upward mobility and development as we strive to be the largest recognised one stop hub for all your healthy, nutritious and delightful frozen treats

Kande’s Delights started in June 2015 from a discussion being had by two entrepreneurs both enjoying a cold bottle of beer. My friend, affectionately known as “Rudy”, shared with me that he recently went to an ice cream store here in Jamaica and bought his favourite flavour ice cream, “coconut” but to his disappointment, it didn’t live up to his expectations as it does in his home town in Trinidad. Back home they make the ice cream using the actual coconut, gratered and pureed to extract the real coconut flavour and then to top it off they add the coconut pulp to the finished product and this is how they enjoy their coconut ice cream. He said to me that I should try and make it like they do back home as it is not done here like that so I seized the opportunity and decided to take up the challenge. Since then, Kande’s Delights has grown steadily in a highly competitive market heavily favoured by such companies as Devon House Ice Cream, Tutti Frutti, Rolly Polly, Kremi and Kandy Krush

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