it's better to share the Delight with friends and family
Fresh, locally grown fruits blended and sweetened to perfection and churned to our signature smooth texture


Our Signature cream base mixed to create our variety of delicious flavours and churned to our signature smooth texture


Made with our signature coconut cream base and flavoured with a variety of fresh fruit and delicious flavours churned to our signature smooth texture

Jamaican Made

Made in Jamaica by Jamaicans

Locally Sourced Flavors

We source our ingredients from local businesses to create each of our delicious signature flavours

Churned to Perfection

Using the latest technology, our ice creams and sorbets are churned to our signature smooth, unmatched texture

Our Signature smooth

by using liquid nitrogen to freeze our blends, we create a product that is 100% cream or juice, with no added ice to compromise the smoothness of our ice cream and giving you ice cream you can refreeze to our top perfection

Our Cleanses

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An option to fit your lifestyle

Creating holistic flavours we have options to suit whatever your needs may be


For those who like the good ol’ ice cream, we create our ice cream from locally sourced cream and create a special blend that truly makes our ice cream one in a million


Made with coconut cream, our non-dairy ice creams are made with local ingredients with no form of dairy included. We Promise


Our sorbets and some of our non-dairy is 100% plant-based and is blended to Kandes Delights perfection

flavours to come

We are working daily to include other lifestyle options to our line up so that Kandes Delights can truly be a holistic brand for all

Real man eat rocky road from Kande’s. The smoothest flavour ever produced weh taste good enough for me to like but bold enough to satisfy my male ego. A big man thing and the ladies love it too.

– Jerry Benzwick

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