Let’s learn more about a few of our local manufacturers

What inspired you to enter manufacturing?

Since I was a child, I was always good with making things with my hands, melting crayon and candles in my microwave at the time to make coloured candies. I then developed an interest in skincare as a teenager. This was further ignited after I had my first child. I realised that he suffered from cradle cap and then eczema. I started researching and created products to treat and soothe his skin ailments. I also had family members that would have eczema flareups, especially in the summer months. They started requesting my products, then friends, and the rest was history. I really wanted to share the many benefits of my distributed and manufactured products.

What has been the greatest challenge experienced as a youth in the manufacturing industry?

In my opinion, there are not enough internship programmes. Doing so can entice millennials and Gen Xers in other industries to leap into manufacturing. This would offer some guidance to the youth as to the path that should be taken to develop a thriving and profitable business.

What has been the most rewarding experience as a youth in manufacturing?

Inspiring other youth, being an example that it can be done. It is also a very fulfilling feeling when lives are improved by the use of my skincare products. I am humbled by the excellent reviews of how my products are helping individuals in Jamaica and across the world to improve their confidence and their lives overall.

Share with us one fun fact about your company or brand?

One fun fact about my business that many may not know is that L’Jhean Beauty is pronounced ‘Lejen’ and is a blend of both my husband’s, Leighton, and my name, Jheanelle.

To who/what do you attribute your accomplishments in manufacturing thus far?